Last updated January, 2021

With so many InHand routers and gateways to choose, you need to know what product is right for what application. So, we have collected all of the important information you need to know in one handy chart. Use the chart below to compare InHand cellular routers and gateways.

InRouter 611 InRouter 615 InRouter 912 InRouter 915 InRouter 901L
InHand InRouter InHand InRouter InHand InRouter InHand InRouter InHand InRouter
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Unique Features Reliable connectivity for key applications, flexible network options available Industrial-grade, flexible connectivity with built-in failover capability Advanced security, over-the-air management and programmability Industrial-grade, edge computing and communication in one box Industrial-grade, board-mounted product, low-power
Connectivity Ethernet,Serial, Wi-Fi*,RS485* 5xEthernet, Wi-Fi, RS-232, RS-485 2xEthernet 2xEthernet, RS-485, Serial Ethernet, UART
Cell Technology CAT-M, CAT-1, CAT-3, CAT-4 CAT-M, CAT-1, CAT-3 CAT-3 CAT-3 CAT-3
Warranty Standard 3-Year Warranty
Software InHand Device Network Cloud Software
Ideal Uses ATM Kiosks Digital Signage Monitoring Network Redundancy Industrial Monitoring Utilities Security Applications Edge Computing VPN Server Industrial Monitoring Custom Applications Edge Computing VPN Server Industrial Monitoring Custom Applications Industrial Devices Medical Equipment SCADA Devices Rugged Computing
 Link to Product Downloads InHand InRouter 611S Downloads InHand InRouter 615 Downloads InHand InRouter 912 Downloads InHand InRouter 915 Downloads InHand InRouter 901 Downloads
SKU IIR611 Series

R611-S-EN00-WLAN IR611-S-FB13 IR611-S-FB13-WLAN IR611-S-FB23-WLAN IR611-S-FB38-WLAN IR611-S-PS08-WLAN IR611-S-FS18-WLAN IR611-S-FT43-WLAN IR611-S-PS08 IR611-S-FS18 IR611-S-FB23

IR 615 Series

IR615-S-EN00-WLAN IR615-S-FB13-WLAN IR615-S-FB23-WLAN IR615-S-FB38-WLAN IR615-S-FS18-WLAN IR615-S-L3/60220-WLAN IR615-S-PS08 IR615-S-FB13 IR615-S-FS18

IR912 Series

IR912L-FS18 IR912P-EN00 IR912P-PS08 IR912P-VS08

IR 915 Series

IR915L-FS08-S IR915L-FS08-W-S IR915L-FS18-S IR915L-FS18-W-S IR915L-FS18-W-S-G IR915L-FS28-W-S-G IR915P-EN00-S IR915P-EN00-W-S

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Interested In More Information About Inhand?

Check out the Inhand vendor page with details about inhand technology, products and company details.

Inhand: Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Inhand Modem, Routers and Gateways come with?

Antennas, Ethernet cable & Power adapters.

Is it rugged for harsh environments?
Yes, it is operational at -20 with rugged housing and design, see Spec. Sheet

What speed are the routers and gateways?
InHand has CAT1 and CAT3 versions.

What is the warranty?
3 years PL.

Regarding quality, how do these devices from Inhand compare to other lines?
InHand Networks is a global leader of Industrial IoT and offer high-quality devices at a lower cost with an industry-leading return rate.

Are project registrations offered for high volumes?
Yes, InHand routers are ideal for large scale deployments as project registrations are offered. The manufacturer requires the following information to register: Preferred device, End-user name, Application type, Anticipated volume, Roll-out schedule.

Where are InHand routers manufactured?
InHand routers are manufactured in China.

What are the differences between the IR611-S and the IR615-S?
The only difference between the two models is an added [4] RJ45 Ethernet ports on the IR615-S whereas the IR611-S has [1].

Can the Inhand devices be used for edge computing?
Yes, the IG902 is Microsoft Azure IoT edge and AWS IoT Greengrass certified to provide near real-time response in mission-critical scenarios, without the latency that's inevitable going through a cloud. The InGateway902 is equipped with powerful computing capabilities to deal with data caching, processing, and running AI/machine learning models on network edge with high performance. The entry-level industrial routers are very low cost, do they have the same approvals as other brands. The IR611 and IR615 have industry and operator certifications from compliance laboratories across the globe.

Do the Inhand routers and gateways offer secure remote device management?
Yes, InConnect is a one-stop service including server, client software and InHand VPN gateway. It allows you to connect to remote sites via PC or mobile devices and your remote devices (PLCs, HMIs) can talk to each other within the secure private network. InConnect makes it easy for remote monitoring, management and troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits. It’s Easy as 1-2-3. Compare Inhand InRouter device management features with our chart above.