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In the world of finance, time really is money.  When most people think of wireless in the field of finance, they imagine their broker with a phone in one hand and their PDA in the other.  While this is often a vision that is seen often, it definitely isn't the only way that a wireless solution can help the Finance space.....

Internet connection = financial pipeline  Every transaction that is processed at a Bank branch, insurance agent, Financial planner or credit union probably transverses an IP connection to a main processing server.  When this connection goes down, much of the transactional work becomes impossible to do.  Financial companies know this, and often have taken a lot of precautions to keep the "lines of communication open".  However, most of their solutions have been based on Wired connection....connections that can be cut/damaged and do not allow for mobility in the event of an emergency.  Only Wireless gives you the true redundancy that your business needs!

ATMs are everywhere  Does anyone carry a lot of cash anymore?  It seems that we are always in the need for an ATM.  To help, Finance companies and ATM providers have tried to place ATMs where ever they are needed.  Unfortunately, accessing a landline to process the transaction is often difficult or expensive.  Many leading ATM companies are now using Wireless to allow for easy setup of their machines, as well as deployment in temporary situations like auctions, trade shows and concerts.  This can also apply to Lottery terminals and Video gaming machines!

Servers like privacy  Many IT professionals have known that it is important to protect all key servers whenever possible.  To do this, many of them have been using Out of Band Management over landlines for years.  Basically, they do not allow access to the servers across the company network, preventing unwanted hacking of the device, as well as to not use valuable bandwidth.  However, companies want to move away from PSTN lines, and wireless solutions allow for a much cheaper/flexible method of OOB management.  Plus, the same device can be used as a redundant connection (see first points), for a double return on investment!

Batteries, Diapers and a Car loan  Many retail locations are starting to provide space for a banking facility on their property.  While this is a great source for revenue for the retailer, as well as the finance company, it poses a problem for the IT team.  Finance companies like to have their own dedicated Internet connection at their store, while retail IT teams don't like to have too many landlines coming into the building (or sharing their line).  A wireless connection for the Finance company is a great way to meet both needs!

For our next blog, we will be looking at solutions for the Oil and Gas market