You may ask, “Ok, after dozens of blog posts talking about all of the reasons why people should use an M2M solution, why are you now writing a blog post that says what an M2M solution does NOT do?” 

While there is some truth to that statement, I see it a bit differently, in that I believe people who are responsible for evangelizing this growing market have a duty to position M2M solutions correctly, and not to position them in ways that are not true. 

M2M solutions have an incredible capability to improve everyday life in many ways, many of which we have covered extensively in these blog posts.  For companies specifically, they can revolutionize their business altogether:

  • lowering costs
  • allowing for increased productivity levels
  • taking customer service to an entirely new level

However, M2M solutions have a limitation, at least for now.....they are not human.

Why machines still need human logic, as smart as they are.....

Here are some examples in particular markets to prove this point:

M2M solutions are changing healthcare as we know it.  Machines (such as MRI machines and equipment used in operating rooms) are experiencing higher levels of availability due to some great M2M-based monitoring solutions.  Many patients are able to use M2M-based solutions to live longer in homes (such as emergency alert devices and remote blood-pressure monitoring devices).....BUT.... M2M solutions cannot replace the wisdom of an experienced nurse.  Based on a certain look on someone’s face or the color of their skin, a machine cannot always tell that something is wrong.  M2M solutions need to be thought of as a method of giving a healthcare professional more information, not as a replacement for them.

In a world that is becoming more and more “JIT” (just in time), manufacturers have less ability to tolerate delays and downtime than ever before.  As such, M2M solutions are allowing businesses to keep better track of units during production than ever before. M2M solutions are also allowing for higher quality standards than ever before....BUT... M2M solutions aren’t always great at knowing when a product is being abused causing damage that was unexpected nor do M2M solutions have the ability of an experienced line-worker to notice when “something doesn’t feel right”.  As such, companies need to use a combination of machines and worker ingenuity to better their businesses.

Security Services  
M2M solutions are used in many different applications in the world of protecting things and people.  They are used to provide:

  • connectivity to key systems such as fire suppression and alarm panels
  • video feed from remote areas
  • remote access control to buildings and parking areas

BUT....M2M solutions do not have the intellect of many advanced security professionals to look into the eyes of a person to see the possible threat level they may possess.  All of the technology in the world won’t have as much success at stopping a criminal BEFORE they do something as an experienced professional would.

So, I am confused....I thought there was benefit to M2M solutions in these areas?

M2M solutions excel in providing information to allow humans to make better decisions, by giving them real-time, accurate information to be able to do what is required.  They also often allow for information before a failure occurs, allowing for a level of pro-activeness that is not available otherwise. 

However, just like how it is the pilot who lands the plane (not an automated system), M2M solutions offer the ability to use technology to better equip your team, not to replace them.  M2M solutions can often perform simple tasks and find ways to allow for issues to be corrected faster, but this needs to be for the purpose of allowing workers to focus on the more advanced part of their job.

The bottom line

M2M solutions may end up making some roles obsolete, that is for sure.  Without a doubt, M2M solutions will enable companies to optimize their operations, and this may mean there will be some roles that will no longer be needed (assuming that the level of overall work stays the same).  However, most companies who are forward thinking enough to have implemented an M2M solution tend to be market leaders, and as such, most of them have used the advantages that they gained from M2M to get MORE work. As such, they have not eliminated many (if any) positions. 

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