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As a company who has sold IoT products long before we knew of the term “IoT”, it comes as second nature to the team at Novotech.  However, many of our channel partners and most of our customers are still relatively new to IoT….what it is, what it can do and how it can change your business.  As such, we decided to come out with our new education series, “IoT Made Simple


In this series, we look at some of the common IoT hardware/software products, some of the key applications/markets and most importantly, how it can help your organization.


This week, we look at Cellular modems.


To simplify, we have divided modem deployments into 4 types:

Mobile (where modems are deployed in vehicles and into mobile offices)

Temporary (where modems are used to provide communications for temporary applications)

Permanent  (where modems are used as a permanent method of Internet access”

Backup (where modems are used to back up an existing landline connection)


Mobile is kind of like it sounds….it usually provides high-speed connectivity (often combined with GPS location data) for a remote team.  This can include things such as Police cars, transit buses or trains.


Temporary applications are ones that are there and they are not!  This may be a very quick one (like a Pop-up store) or a bit longer (like construction of a home).  The idea is that the connectivity is quick to set up and is there as long as it is needed.


Permanent is designed to provide always-on connectivity using cellular modems, often in place of traditional landline connections.  It may be because the cellular connection was more cost effective, quicker to set up, flexible in placement or maybe it is just the preferred method.  The application list is wide here….ranging from communication for a machine to an environmental site to an office at a national park.


Backup is an application that has exploded with the growth of Internet based services like Point of Sale and E-Commerce and it involves using a cellular modem as a failover in the event that a main line is not available.  Just about any business can use this….retail, government, finance, Data centres and much more.


So, what are the business gains to using a cellular modem:

The actual gains for your business can be as unique as your business is, but here are some common ones:

  • Lower cost, more flexible and quicker installations
  • More Flexible rate plans
  • Can be used in a mobile or rugged environment
  • Allows for a single setup across a region, country or even the world
  • Allows you to manage all devices on a single screen

Hope you found this useful….watch for more “IoT made simple” posts soon!