Trimble GPS Antenna Comparison Chart

It is important to choose the best Trimble GPS Antenna for your application. To help you out, refer to the Trimble GPS Antenna Review chart below

Bullet GPS Antenna Bullet GG Antenna Bullet L1 L2 Antenna Bullet 360 Antenna Mini-Mag Mount Antenna Bullet GB Antenna
Designed For
Active GPS Antenna for Any Application
Active GPS and GLONASS Antenna Dual Frequency – GPS L1 and L2 bands Designed specifically for the congested urban environments Designed for use with Trimble’s GPS receivers Designed for BeiDou receivers
Waterproof Housing
RoHS II Compliant
Available in 3.3v (TNC) or 5v (TNC or F) Trimble GPS Antennas
Extended temperature range (-40°C / +90°C)
Multi-Constellation (GPS & GLONASS) Plus Galileo & Beidou
Well suited for congested urban areas
Frequency Notes Dual Band (GPS L1 & L2) 1,575.42 MHz
Item Numbers 57860-20 57860-30 57861-20 97860-00 97860-10 97861-00 94860-00 94860-10 94859-00 101155-00 101155-10 101155-20 66800-00







101255-00 101255-10 101255-20

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While the technology of GPS is quite complicated, the theory of GPS is quite simple. In essence, the distance between the object and up to 4 satellites is measured and by way of calculation and elimination, the location of an object can be determined within 1 square meter.

For a full explanation on how GPS works including discussion around how GPS works, see Trimble's articles on Triangulation

4 Reasons to choose Trimble GPS Antennas

  1. Industry Expertise: Trimble technology has been at the forefront of GNSS advances for more than 40 years and have more GNSS-related patents, products, and people than any other company.
  2. Proven Reliability: Tens of thousands of Trimble's GPS/GNSS disciplined clocks have established an outstanding record of accuracy and reliability, with mean time between failures (MTBF) of well over 1,000,000 hours. Why risk your reputation with products that haven't stood this test of time?
  3. Best Overall Value - Performance & Price: Price is important. Performance is critical. Trimble timing products consistently offer the best true price to true performance ratio in the industry. O
  4. Customer-Centricity: At Trimble, customer trust and satisfaction come first. They, along with Novotech build meaningful, long-term relationships with customers.

Trimble's Bullet™ GPS Antenna provides a perfect solution for manufacturers who need a fixed-sight, rooftop GPS antenna. It is housed in leak tested packaging designed to withstand continuous exposure to shock, excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, water and sunlight. For added reliability, the antenna cable can be threaded through a pole mount to keep it safe from environmental damage.

The Bullet GPS Antenna includes advanced filtering technology for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments. This antenna is also a high-quality solution for adding GPS data to marine navigation systems.

Whatever the environment—the Trimble Bullet III GPS antenna will perform, year after year. The Bullet III GPS antenna is the fourth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family and offers all the reliability and performance benefits that are required for mission-critical installations.

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