We realize that COVID-19 is making it hard for our partners and customers to maintain "business as usual" here in North America.

To help weather the storm and make sure you can continually provide exceptional service to your customers, Novotech is committing to the following:


High Levels of Inventory 

Novotech continues to hold the largest inventory in Canada of remote cellular connectivity, temporary cellular communications, mobile communications, cellular boosting, and antenna products.

With this crisis, organizations suddenly need reliable communications where landlines are not an option. For instance, temporary health care and triage centers need safe and fast cellular comms. Together we can supply hardware and services to those in need of our solutions.


Continually Adding Inventory

We continue to monitor the market and purchase routers, gateways, modems, antennas, and signal boosters. We intend to keep inventory high through this crisis to ensure we have the product you need when you need it.


A Commitment to Services

Our services department continues to operate in a healthy and responsibly manner. We continue to offer Lab provisioning (or hardware provisioning) and kitting so you can deliver deployment-ready solutions to your customers.


Sales Support

Our technical sales staff is working remotely, connecting with customers via video, providing the support you need to generate business.
Nobody is sure where global production capacity will be in the short term. We are committed to sourcing, stocking, and shipping the parts you need while they are still available to us.