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AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. AWS IoT Core can support billions of devices and trillions of messages and can process and route those messages to AWS endpoints (URLs on the internet) and to other devices reliably and securely.


AWS IoT Core is a product within Amazon Web Services (AWS)


On the simplest level, companies need their devices to do a few things to benefit from IoT.  First, the devices (often called edge devices) need to gather the desired iot data at specified intervals.  For a device gateway to transmit that data to other applications or devices, it must be connected to the network.


The next concern is security.  Companies need to know that the data is accurate from their devices and that it is protected from those who may wish to manipulate it.  In addition, there must be some sort of IoT device management to help manage the wide range of devices. Finally, the data needs to be presented in a way that the company may use it, ranging from reports to graphs to alerts when things go wrong.


AWS IoT offers a scalable platform to do all of those things, and more.  Their extensive partner program allows for designers and integrators to take these solutions to a whole new level.


What are the Benefits of AWS IoT?

While it does other things as well, here are 5 features of AWS that enable it to offer a great IoT experience for their customers:


1)      Security with AWS IoT

There are several key aspects to securing your IoT platform.  These range from preventing the tampering of devices, to securing the transmission of data to preventing unwanted access to your online platform.  AWS offers true end-to-end security to help prevent issues.


2)      Scalability of AWS IoT

You may be a small business now, but you have aspirations to be the next great company. As you grow and your requirements become complex, you will require more from you AWS IoT Solution. Amazon has a global footprint which means that you can grow your number of devices, start in new countries or have geographically spaced backups easily.


3)      AI Integration with AWS IoT

AI and IoT go so well together, there is actually a new acronym, “AIoT.”  While IoT is the master at gathering data, AI is the best at taking that data and learning from it.  AWS allows this AI and IoT to work much better together.


4)      Monitoring and Management with AWS IoT

In sports, being available to play every day is often considered to be an athlete’s best attribute.  The same goes for your devices.  Using AWS’s extensive platform allows you to know when your devices are not available and to make repairs/changes remotely to bring things back online.


5)      Analytics capbilitis of AWS IoT

A device may produce thousands of messages per day, with the vast majority not being urgent.  However, each one of those pieces of data help to provide insight about a device, but only if the information is displayed in a way that people will find useful.  AWS’s analytics allow companies to know when things are going wrong, but also to see patterns that allow for better maintenance schedules, less downtime and better predictions for the future. Many reporting types are pre built for ease of use.


Why is Amazon IoT Core Important ?

In the past, we have spoken extensively about how complex it can be to roll out an IoT solution, as there is a lot of work to be done pre-launch, during deployment and to keep things running.  This has scared some companies from going forward with such a powerful tool.  AWS has taken a lot of complexity and fear out of the equation, making it feasible for companies of all sizes to benefit from IoT.


Uses of AWS IoT Core

The first example is the smart city.  A city like New York City has millions of assets that they need to keep running, ranging from traffic lights to fire hydrants to police cars.  In the past, much of the monitoring was done by the public, usually in the form of a complaint.  This meant that key services were often not available, reducing safety, public enjoyment and increasing costs.


A solution like AWS IoT allows for the city to see all of their assets in one place, integrate the data to work with their reporting systems and allow the city to be proactive in replacing key items before they fail.


The next example is a rental company, in this case one that rents out Industrial equipment.  When a device fails, it not only can reduce the revenue for the rental company, but it can also shut down key remote work for their customer.  Using IoT solutions allows the company to keep track of their assets, reduce preventable failures and to use data to offer more flexible billing methods to increase revenue.


The final example is something a little closer to home for all of us, the smart home.  Most people are aware that you can ask your personal assistance (like Alexa) to get real-time information on the weather or to settle a bet with your wife (I never win those).  However, it goes beyond that, as companies are using this platform to reduce your heating/cooling costs, increase the safety of your home and to alert to possible issues before they become major.




In short, while many of the services offered by a platform like AWS IoT can be done by the customer themselves, the ability to have it all done using enterprise-grade reliability and security makes it an enticing offer. Novotech has made it easy for you to make the leap into IoT with AWS. Check out the AWS-Ready Thales PLS62T-W-USB Global Terminal/Modem.