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Why was my credit card declined online? What should I do?

Sometimes an online order may be cancelled or unable to process because your credit card is declined. If your credit card transaction is declined, it is advisable to call your credit card issuer or financial institution and check with them for the cause. Only your credit card issuer or financial institution can confirm the specific reason for a declined credit card. In most cases, it is a fraudulent issue and the problems can be resolved on the phone. 

Ten possible reasons your credit was declined include:

1. You have exceeded the maximum number of transaction attempts. As a security precaution to protect you from theft and fraud, your transaction will be declined if you exceed six (6) failed attempts.

2. Your transaction appears suspicious or possibly fraudulent. A '693' decline code is a general declined response for transactions that are blocked by the bank that issued your card. Due to the increase in fraudulent credit card sales (especially Internet orders), banks are being very cautious when a sale appears "out of the ordinary".

3. Unusual Activity. If the type, location or dollar amount of the transaction you have attempted to make is unusual and “out of character” for you, it could be an indication that someone else is attempting to use your card and the transaction will be declined for suspicion of fraud. 

4. The credit card number or expiry date was incorrect when you tried to purchase on

5. The billing address, zip/postal code, or card verification code does not match what your credit card company or financial institution have on file.

6. You have insufficient funds on your credit card.

7. You have exceeded your credit card’s daily spending limit. These limits are set by the credit card company and vary widely from one company to the next.

8. As a security measure, some credit card companies reject transactions when a large number of online purchases are attempted within a short time. This may occur if you’ve ordered multiple products from multiple vendors.

9. Some credit card companies reject international charges as a security measure. Novotech is located in Canada and uses credit card processing services located in the US and Canada.

10. Technical issues originating with your financial institution or credit card company, or with Novotech or our credit card processing services, can occasionally result in a declined card.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing from Novotech. We wish you the best in getting this payment issue resolved quickly so that you can return to complete your order. Alternatively, you can contact anyone on our sales team for assistance with placing your order.  

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